Q3 2020 – Services & BREXIT

We had delayed the July / Summer services update in the expectation of welcome news on the progressive resumption of normal services as well as more on HMGs BREXIT plans.

In both cases the news is mixed. The anticipated plans for the widespread lifting of travel restrictions and movement of people have not been forthcoming. Travel, the types of businesses permitted to open and the conditions of operations continue to limit important logistics channels from returning to normal service – such as ready access to commercial (passenger) flights for the movement of mail, freight and parcels.

Further, HMG has only just released the BREXIT blueprint of how border controls will be managed post 2020 – the Border Operating Model (BOM). The BOM necessarily requires the framework of the exit negotiations to fill the detail. Needless to say, whilst we await the negotiation details, IMX’s IT teams have upped activity and preparing numerous service options configured to what can be expected to be the standard export and import requirements from January 1st 2021.

In terms of services: Europe is maintaining reasonably consistent and in some areas improved services for outbound mail, parcels and express services. However many services continue to operate to reduced SLAs. Key additional considerations include capacity – a number of suppliers have reported congestion in their systems as well as constraints in the final mile delivery networks. Indeed a number of companies are advertising for 1,000s of new staff to assist manage the changed systems flows resulting from the impact of CV-19. Return services for undeliverable items and returned goods remains a challenge and delays are unilaterally extending well beyond acceptable and manageable levels. There are some considerably aged items in the system as well as mixed consolidations demanding additional time and resource to rectify. IMX is working with its partners on a country by country basis to manage stability and more consistency in returned items.

Non-European destinations continue to have inconsistent services along with periodic service suspensions and extended delays for all but express services. Capacity to many popular destinations remains challenging both on services and costs. IMX has expanded its supplier options to ensure a more comprehensive global coverage to assist alleviate the disruption as best as can be managed at this stage of the ‘crisis’.

IMX’s long awaited Service Dashboard will be progressively introduced through the month of July. The Dashboard is able to be customised according to the users requirements and has the capacity to link through to live data supporting the summaries on the Dashboard. We would hope this will assist with proactive and reactive management of customer service requirements as well as provide a level of comfort to companies wishing to re-explore or explore (new) distant markets.

Needless to say, again, the immediate outlook remains challenging albeit the challenges are now well known and more manageable.

IMX wishes to thank its clients, suppliers and staff that continue to successfuly manage demands in what at times can prove to be very difficult.

the IMX Group