Review of service indicators for the week ending Sunday 29th March:-

Service interruptions especially for mail (including registered*) have spread rapidly to many more destinations worldwide. The list of countries with some import/export and/or domestic logistics constraints is almost without exception. The outlook is unclear. Best estimates indicate the position will deteriorate at least until the week following Easter -Monday 20th April.

Final mile delivery providers continue to operate however many have reduced the ‘delivery’ week to no more than three days. Service guarantees, signed for (** including postal items), compensation and multiple delivery attempts have been suspended. Terms vary by carrier.

This morning we are being advised that some post offices are now only prioritising domestic and inbound PRIORITY mail only. Economy, surface and standard mail is being sub-streamed or quarantined until capacity constraints lift.

IMX continues to operate. IMX is responding to staff, client and supplier needs including winding down inactive areas of operation inline with reduced demand. Spring cleaning is underway!

IMX will assess service streams on a daily basis and manage the movement of mail and goods as warranted. For urgent or particular demands please contact IMX for advice.

We appreciate staff, clients & suppliers continued support.

the IMX Group