Service Incident Reports

Postal Services worldwide regularly succumb to natural and man-made events impeding the timely and successful delivery of mail.

Post offices, monitoring agencies and companies such as IMX compile ‘incident’ information on a daily basis. Selecting, editing and presenting relevant ‘incident’ information for ease of reference by users and providers of postal and ancillary services is challenging. In most cases the information is ‘after-the-event’ preventing implementaion of effective strategies to avoid or mitigate adverse consequences affecting delivery of the post. In other cases where advance notice is available alternate service channels can quickly be overwhelmed.

IMX will commence providing updates on global incidents affecting postal services and where possible indicate what measures IMX can deploy to manage clients expectations.  This will be somewhat experimental and we welcome comments.

The aim is for improved transparency with a view to embracing more progressive logistics partners to assist develop flexible programmes to manage adverse events. We look forward to the challenges. Updates ….

from all at the IMX Group