Periodicals, Journals, Books & Magazine Distribution Services

Periodicals, Journals and Magazines benefit from discounted postage rates based on stringent preparation which IMX prepare at no extra cost to you. IMX manages all magazine title qualifications, presort and delivery requirements for all major postal administrations enabling both large and small circulation periodicals to enjoy cost reductions and service enhancement


  • Stringent preparations carried out
  • Presorting handled
  • Management of delivery requirements for major postal administrations


  • Discounted postal rates
  • Improved service
  • No sortation fees


How do I know if my magazine or journal qualifies for discount?

If you send a copy of your magazine or journal to IMX we will be able to confirm.

Do I need a minimum quantity?

No, as long as your magazine qualifies for discount, you can benefit from cost savings.

Can I still get my undeliverable items?

Yes, IMX will receive your returns and advise you, this will help to keep your data up to date for goneaways and incomplete addresses.

Can IMX fulfil my magazine?

IMX offers all aspects of direct mail, call us today to discuss your requirements.

Can IMX print my magazine?

IMX offers litho printing services, finishing and digital print service.


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