Logicon Systems

Logicon Systems is a cloud-based connectivity service that allows us to provide our customers with a suite of online services.

The logistics and transport industries were, in the past, fragmented and disjointed – but Logicon is changing this, creating a cross-industry collaborative initiative.  Logicon’s partners, with extensive logistics experience, are working together opening up a multitude of specialist options for:

  • Freighting
  • Handling
  • Warehousing
  • Final-mile delivery
  • Ordering
  • Returns
  • Systems managements
  • Operational and other complexities

IMX is part of a partner programme which continues to develop networks, specialised eco-systems and services worldwide.  Our partners offer advice and recommendations, provide access to their services and, together, we are expanding a shared global footprint.   This means we are able to provide efficient services for our clients using express and tracked e-commerce order fulfilment including the following – and more:

  • Delivery advice
  • Tracking events
  • Exception reports
  • Messaging & CHAT customer services
  • Emails to consignees

As one of our e-commerce clients, you’ll have the option to connect to Logicon by API – or if you’re on a budget, you will be able to access the systems by manifest upload.  The suite of services you’ll have access to includes:

  • Final mile label generation
  • Tax calculation
  • Order Pack Confirmation
  • End of day reports
  • E-wallet
  • E-cash on delivery
  • Invoice generation
  • Stock reconciliation
  • A pipeline to an extensive selection of delivery supply channels


  • Exception reports – Allowing you to action parcels that require delivery attention
  • Option to connect to Logicon by API
  • End of day reports


  • White label options of Logicon are available
  • Reporting that provide you with full information on your shipments
  • Efficient services


Does IMX work with start-up businesses?

IMX offers start up businesses the help in hand they need to expand their business. By offering our support and expertise.

Is there a minimum order quantity per day?

No, we are happy to process any volume of orders.

Can IMX offer Inventory Control?

IMX can offer inventory control through our in-house system ipack. We can also report these figures back to your order management system.

Does IMX offer integration with Order Management platforms?Toggle Title

IMX has capability to integrate etailer online platforms such as Shopify, Linnworks, woo commerce and Magento into IMX Logicon shipping management platform.

How will Brexit affect parcels within the EU?

Packets and small parcels consigned to a EU destination require a formal declaration. IMX requires a full description of the contents along with the value and purpose (of use). If a client has the IPC / HS or classification (for duty and / or tax) that will also be welcome. IMX will prepare an electronic declaration for both export (from UK) and import (destination). The declaration is required whether the content value is under or over the destination country de minimis (for example, say €18 for the EU).

Clients may have a specific HMRC ruling on the value of the content of their products consigned by mail and if this is available IMX can prepare standardised reports for both export and import as well as code the outer packaging accordingly (this will be advantageous for low value packets and parcels).

Consignments to non-EU countries will remain unchanged – though please note: many countries are increasingly requiring detailed customs declarations. The current CN 22 / CN 23 without detailed descriptions and values and purpose for consigning main items will be quarantined for inspection. IMX is migrating from CN forms to QR coded data embedded labels. Details on request.