E-Commerce Distribution

We operate both B2B and B2C services using the UK’s most reliable service providers.

We offer tracking for all parcels and packages, small or large from the point of pickup to delivery. Our system also provides you with full access to your international shipment reports.

  • International Courier Service
  • Confirmation of delivery services
  • Fully Tracked, Signed for
  • Duties prepaid or unpaid (DDP or DDU).
  • Returns services.

We offer end-to-end tracked service and confirmation of delivery services, from point of dispatch through to a confirmed delivery – providing additional value to your own customer, whilst reducing the strain on your customer service team all available through our Logicon IT and white label solutions.


  • We use the UK’s most reliable service providers
  • E-commerce tracking is available for all parcels and packages at all stages of the process
  • Duty paid services to moist destinations to ensure smooth delivery of your goods
  • Logicon and White Label systems
  • Real time tracking through Logicon
  • White label functionality available to allow Logicon to be embedded on your website for clients to track directly from your site


  • You don’t have to source international couriers
  • Confirmation of delivery at every stage – from point of dispatch to customer receipt
  • With Duty Paid, you don’t have to worry about paying duty
  • With Duty unpaid, we will put everything in hand so it’s easy to pay the duty


Do you have a minimum quantity?

IMX can process any quantity of mail. The higher the volume the bigger the discount and selection of services available. We will take your profile and give you the best costing option.

How can my mail be collected?

IMX can offer a collection service via IMX vehicles (subject to postcode location) or via an overnight courier / pallet service.

Can my mail be tracked?

Mail can be traced until point of lodgement with the Post Offices. IMX receives daily updates if weather, strikes or public holidays could possibly affect the delivering of your mail. If you need an item sending on a tracked service, IMX can offer tracked postal options.

What items are restricted and prohibited in the postal system?

Certain items are restricted and prohibited within the UK & International postal systems. For a comprehensive list and advise, please contact one of our customer service advisors, they will be happy to guide you.

Can my postal items be sent with insurance?

If you are sending high value items that require insurance we would recommend these items are sent on a tracked courier service not a postal service. IMX will be happy to provide you with the best options available based on your product and value.

Can I obtain a proof of posting?

IMX can provide a proof of lodgement showing the mail has been accepted into the network. This is within the UK only.

What happens to mail that is undeliverable?

If the item is posted within the UK, IMX can apply your return address to the item and this will be returned to your nominated UK address. International mail is consolidated back to IMX. We will then notify you of mail returns. IMX also offers a returns handling service, if this is of interest, please contact one of our customer service advisors, they will be happy to guide you.

How will Brexit affect mail that I send?

The impact of BREXIT in a No Deal at time of the UK leaving the EU will depend on

a) Format of the mail and

b) Content of the mail.

Letter and large letter (flats) mail items enclosing printed matter are unaffected by BREXIT whether a deal or not. This includes periodicals with a (low) cover value. Packets and small parcels. Packets and small parcels consigned to a EU destination require a formal declaration. IMX requires a full description of the contents along with the value and purpose (of use). If a client has the IPC / HS or classification (for duty and / or tax) that will also be welcome. IMX will prepare an electronic declaration for both export (from UK) and import (destination). The declaration is required whether the content value is under or over the destination country de minimis (for example, say €18 for the EU).

Clients may have a specific HMRC ruling on the value of the content of their products consigned by mail and if this is available IMX can prepare standardised reports for both export and import as well as code the outer packaging accordingly (this will be advantageous for low value packets and parcels).

Consignments to non-EU countries will remain unchanged – though please note: many countries are increasingly requiring detailed customs declarations. The current CN 22 / CN 23 without detailed descriptions and values and purpose for consigning main items will be quarantined for inspection. IMX is migrating from CN forms to QR coded data embedded labels. Details on request.

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