Direct Mail, Laser & Inkjet printing, polywrapping and machine-enclosing services

Direct mail campaigns can bring huge benefits to your business – and at IMX, our affordable direct mail services deliver incredible results for our clients.

Our services include:

  • Ink-jet printing
  • Laser printing
  • Machine enclosing
  • Polywrapping
  • Hand fulfilment

At IMX, we carry out high-speed inkjet printing onto brochures and envelopes and our monoprint capability enables us to print logos, return addresses and postage paid marks.

We use cut sheet laser printing – from DL to A3 size, simplex and duplex mono printing and colour printing, to produce letterheads, postcards, brochures, envelopes, catalogues and stickers.

Our sophisticated enclosing machines are able to handle multiple inserts in envelope sizes from DL to C4 but if you have heavy, irregular, randomly sized or collated items that are not suitable for machine enclosing, then our hand enclosing team will do the job.   Select page inserts, extra inserts, glue dot inserts and match mailing are also carried out by hand fulfilment.

Our polywrapping solutions are environmentally friendly – with a choice of clear or printed film with multi insert capacity.


  • Environmentally friendly polywrapping solutions – clear or printed film
  • Multi-insert capacity
  • High speed ink jet printing onto brochures and envelopes
  • Monoprint capability to print logos, return addresses and postage paid marks for carrier sheets and letters
  • Cut sheet laser printing to produce printing materials from stickers to letterheads, postcards, brochures and envelopes.
  • Hand enclosing team available for bespoke mailings


  • Hand enclosing makes it easy to mail items that are heavy, irregular or randomly sized
  • You will be able to add select page inserts, extra inserts and glue dot inserts
  • High speed machine enclosing and polywrapping
  • Environmentally friendly fulfilment options
  • Dedicated account manager to keep you updated


Can IMX handle all of my Direct Mail requirements?

IMX offers printing, fulfilment and postal services tailored to your Direct Mail campaign. With over 30 years experience we can assist with the planning and preparation of your DM piece.

Can IMX provide databases?

IMX does not offer a list brokerage service. Our speciality is Direct Mail Services.

Can IMX cleanse UK & International data?

IMX can offering reports on the integrity of your data to ensure you are getting the most from your post!


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