May – Service Outlook

The May outlook for services remains uncertain. It is expected some level of resumption of business activity will see a commensurate level of demand and the potential for service standards to progressively improve – particularly in the UK and on the European Continent.

Numerous non-European destinations are seeing the relaxing or lifting of movement and business restrictions however until such time as the airline industry opens up routes and expands capacity many long-haul destinations will continue to receive severely degraded services.

In this respect at times during April more than 20% of worldwide destinations have had postal and or parcel services suspended. Further up to 30% of all other destinations, including Europe, have experienced delays or other service issues on an ongoing or periodic basis.

A further update will be provided following HMG Guidance on the easing of restrictions and the resultant impact to postal, express, airline and logistics systems.

We continue to wish everyone good health – and May it continue.

the IMX Group