Postal Tariffs – January 2nd .

IMX’s postal tariffs from January 2020 are now available.

IMX’s January postal tariffs are marked by a number of modest increases and some substantive increases for countries listed by the UPU in Groups 2 & 3. UPU country Groups 2 & 3 comprise many ‘rest of world’ destinations and for the most part are low volume / lower cost. From January these countries postal pricing is elevated to Group 1 (highest pricing band).

IMX expects further postal tariff changes in April and June 2020. The former incorporating Royal Mail updates whilst the latter changes forecast for mail to the US, in particular.

There is to an extent, no merit in the level of the postal increases unaccompanied by improvements in service and accountability. There are measures on foot to improve cross-border service transparency though these remain a considerable way short of comparable alternate (non-postal) delivery systems where traceability is available – and these are a long time in coming. In all cases where service lanes warrant IMX directs mail into the more accounable (non-postal) service streams.

IMX continues to receive and evaluate postal changes by the many operators for 2020 and will provide further updates and comments in the coming weeks.

With best wishes for a very Happy & Prosperous 2020

from all at the IMX Group