Logistics networks globally are actively re-calibrating their systems to fill the gaps caused by the reduction in passenger aircraft capacity, reduced staffing and the considerable demands made for the swift sourcing & provision of urgent goods and everyday business & consumer needs.

Needless to say there is considerable disruption as priorities are dynamically changed almost on a hourly basis.

The information deluge does not warrant IMX updating the information streams as they are received suffice to say for the most part where temporary suspensions are notified they can be lifted in very short order for example next day. Therefore much information is redundant in a day or two and experience todate suggest certainly within a week.

What is relevant however is that for the most part linehauls and services are continuing to all corners of the globe. Carriers including delivery agents are exercising best efforts despite the fact service guidelines and guarantees have been suspended. Naturally where CV-19 is seen as more active in a city, region or country intermittent services and disruptions will be noticeable.

Long-haul destinations with the heaviest demands such as to the US continue to experience delays despite the increasingly successful moves to engage more freighter aircraft to clear back-logs and manage future expectations. Further many routes are being surcharged. These charges are variable and in some cases spike sharply. In moderating the costs to clients IMX will surcharge all mail clients: European destinations 40 pence per kilo; and Rest of World £1.00 per kilo from Monday 23rd March.  Currently no surcharges are considered for tracked parcels services to Europe travelling by road.

IMX is utilising all resources available to minimise delays and where options are available we are utilising these to ensure mail and parcels are entered into the networks.

the IMX Group