CoronaVirus – Services Update March 11th

Services in China are progressively returning to normal however flight capacity is still constrained. Delivery times will continue to be adversely impacted.

Services in Italy to regions with travel restrictions are nevertheless being serviced by Poste Italiene and other delivery providers. There are intermittent disruptions to services.

International air freight to many long haul destinations is under some pressure with numerous flights being cancelled and some aircraft configurations changed due to low passenger numbers. Mail and freight is being managed within the confines and delays are being experienced to many destinations – particularly Australasia but also the Americas and parts of Africa.

This continues to be a developing situation: Europe and the UK we expect some short term disruptions in the weeks to end of March.

We will continue to update and relevant information is available.

We hope the situation improves rapidly for all those affected by the condition and life and business returns to normal.

Our apologies for the disruption.

the IMX Group