Systems that Deliver

IMX is a private Pan-European group of companies specialising in international mail delivery and e-commerce fulfilment services, providing mail preparation, warehousing and delivery services, supply chain management and world-wide distribution.

Established in 1988, we serve over 500 countries in Europe, North America and Asia from our centres in London, Paris, Milan, Malaga, Amsterdam and Cologne and from our sales offices and agencies in Belgium, Switzerland and the USA.

Our world-wide network of contracts and relationships means we are able to offer direct postal entry to 65 countries, downstream and alternate discounted postal services, third party postal access and Extraterritorial Office of Exchange (ETOE) services.

Using our ETOE services means you will benefit from discounted international mail rates – paying the postage rates in the country of destination rather than in the country of despatch.  If you want to send mail overseas, we handle the complex documentation, airline procedures and customs clearance on your behalf.

Working with local, regional and international carriers, our international mail courier services provide global express tracked services with deferred tracked European, Mid-East, North American and Asian services.  Alternate delivery and collection points in Europe provide an increasing number of European shoppers with the flexibility to choose how and when they receive their items.

At IMX, we pioneered the first postal ETOE in the UK with Gibraltar Post.  We initiated direct injection into Central and Eastern Europe, providing faster delivery than postal services by handling the pick and pack process in the country of production and transporting goods to their destination country on direct flights.

As members of the Mail Carriers Association (MCA), a membership organisation representing a wide range of operators in the mailing industry, we are committed to providing a high-quality service, are actively involved in promoting the best practice within the mailing industry and adhere to the strict code of conduct laid down by the MCA.

Whatever your needs from targeted mailing campaigns and high-volume bulk distribution with daily campaign fulfilment to ecommerce fulfilment services, you’ll find that our services, including design, printing, lettershopping, retrieval and ground and air transport, are innovative, efficient and cost-effective.

Why Us?

IMX celebrates 30 years of servicing the mail industry – 1989 - 2019

On 13th March 2019 IMX achieved 30 years of providing mail services to its clients.

During the past three decades, IMX has proved highly effective in ensuring the delivery of mail across the globe.

Founded in 1989 by Nicholas Street and Geoffrey Barton, IMX pioneered: the first postal ETOE (Extraterritorial Office of Exchange) in the UK with Gibraltar Post, direct injection into Central & Eastern Europe, and third party postal EU member access.

IMX was the first and only private operator to participate in the IPC quality of service measurement (UNEX), and initiated successful actions and reports on anti-competitive practices by European Postal Administrations.

IMX has presented technological innovations and recommendations to both postal services and the UK Government.

Established in 1988, IMX has operational systems in London, Paris, Milan, Malaga, Amsterdam and Cologne. Our comprehensive service network extends to every principal European country. Additional sales offices and agencies are located in Belgium, Switzerland and the USA,

Our European growth and development has been extensive.

Worldwide network of contracts and relationships:

  • Direct Postal Entry to 65 countries worldwide.
  • ETOE (Extra services and Third Party Postal Access.
  • Global express tracked services with local, regional and international carriers.
  • Deferred tracked European, Mid East, North American and Asian services.
  • Alternated delivery and collection points in Europe.

Developing for more success

We’re developing synergistic partnerships with leading independent operators based on sharing networks and software platforms.

We are also testing our own postal smart-code (MagicSys), which will add the missing link between off- and on-line communications. Contact us for further details.

Our Logicon System is our cloud-based connectivity service that gives you a suite of online services.

Services for clients using express and tracked options include delivery advice, tracking events, exception reports, messaging & CHAT customer services, emails to consignees and much more.

e-Commerce clients have the option to connect by API to Logicon or for clients on a budget can access by manifest upload. This suite of services includes final mile label generation, tax calculation, order pack confirmation, end of day reports, e-wallet, e-cash on delivery, invoice generation, stock reconciliation and a pipeline to an extensive selection of delivery supply channels.

Logicon is part of a cross industry collaborative initiative.  Logicon and its partners have extensive logistics experience. Our collective DNA opens up multiple specialist options for freighting, handling, warehousing, final-mile delivery, returns, ordering, systems management, operational and all other complexities. Our partner programme continues to develop networks, specialised eco-systems and services worldwide.

Helping you get the most from your post

Specialists in:

  • Preparation and distribution of periodicals, catalogues, journals, magazines, letters, packets & e-commerce parcels
  • Data cleansing Services
  • Direct mail, laser print, inkjet print, machine & hand enclosing, polywrapping.
  • Returns Handling
  • Returns Hub facility
  • Online shipping facilities

We focus on managed distribution solutions, which are effectively and efficiently designed to combine printing & letter-shopping, storage & retrieval with ground and air transport.

We combine this with a range of accountable and cost-effective delivery options.