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Mailing Services

IMX provides a complete range of mail delivery services.
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Business Reply & Response Services

IMX administers business reply and mail response services permitting IMX’s customers access to reliable offline customer communications. These are complemented by a number of online response services.
IMX’s customers can request access to any number of business reply and response options in all western European countries, the USA as well as a number of Asian, African and Australasian countries.
Charges are based on set-up, monthly maintenance, batched return by parcel or courier and postal charges per letter.

Periodicals - Publishing Mail/Newspapers

Periodicals, Journals, Newspapers and Magazines benefit from discounted postage rates based on stringent preparation and service conditions.
IMX manages all qualification, presort and delivery requirements for all major postal administrations enabling both large and small circulation periodicals to enjoy cost reductions and service enhancement.
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Direct Mail Distribution

IMX provides full compliance for clients wishing to access bulk discounted services in the UK and around the world.
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Data Services - International Mail & E-commerce

IMX’s data services includes:

  • Free Audit Report on address files for UK and most overseas countries

  • data receipt, verification and processing

  • address formatting and personalisation

  • zip code extraction and validation (PAF address correction and postcode/town verification)

  • de-duplication of address lists

  • Data screening and suppression of addresses for goneaways, deceased and unmailable addresses

  • Screening for MPS (Mail Preference Service) and TPS (Telephone Preference Service) addresses

  • country and zip code sortation for discount services including Mailsort and DSA

  • auto insert and printing of postage paid impressions by country and service

  • list supply (third party licensed providers only. IMX does not sell or broker mailing lists)

  • ecommerce interface: postal, fax, SMS and email replies and voice services

Data received by IMX is protected under the Data Protection Act (England & Wales) and similar European legislation.
Data supplied in all major formats is accepted by IMX as well as custom formats for re-formatting. Double bit characters are also accepted for processing.

Subscription and Data Management Services

Subscription services for publishers, clubs, societies, charities, mail order companies and so on include:

  • subscription and member database maintenance

  • subscription and member renewal notice management

  • subscriber and member verification

  • subscriber and member payment and despatch confirmations

  • subscriber and member complaint handling

  • customer reports: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually

Design and Printing Services

IMX has Design capabilities in-house to assist with formatting carrier sheets, personalised letters, invoices, receipts, addendum’s, with compliments slips, special offers, tickets, surveys, questionnaires and similar presentations. For full Design requirements for catalogues, brochures and so on we recommend design agencies to capture and replicate your full requirements.
IMX’s printing capabilities extend to high-speed inkjet and lasering from A6 to A3 size (including duplex laser). Digital print options are available enabling select data to be dropped in a multiple of locations in the one document.
IMX provides ‘print-on-demand’ to enable clients to minimise or eliminate storage costs for pre-printed.

Pick & Pack, Storage & Retrieval Service

IMX has in-house storage facilities for pick & pack.

In-house storage accommodates:-

  • IMX’s e-commerce logistics solutions (pick and pack)

  • advance lodgement of supplies or inserts for an imminent mailing/distribution requirement

External facilities are used extensively for long term storage: back copies, archive goods and customers own supplies for ad hoc mailings.
IMX provides a computerised online stock inventory control system for customers to oversee all their stock and stock movements.
Plastic card embossing and magnetic strip encoding is also available at IMX for clubs, loyalty schemes, schools & universities and promotional uses.

Litho and full colour print press options are available through IMX’s preferred suppliers. Details on request.

  • Some items IMX has printed this year for its clients:- Carrier sheets - letters - postcards - flyers - leaflets with compliments slips - receipts - order forms - surveys - questionnaires - reply coupons - tickets - discount vouchers - business response envelopes - digital brochures - multi-language subscription invoices - custom colour postmarks - labels - QR and bar codes.

Fulfilment - Pick & Pack Services

Manual and mechanised fulfilment is offered by IMX at all of its handling facilities in Europe.

  • Machine Enclosing including OCR, multi inserts and shrinkwrapping (vacuum wrapping)

  • Polywrapping including online printing and optical recognition for selected inserts

  • Finishing

  • Hand fulfilment including select page inserts, errata inserts, glue dot inserts, match mailing, custom folds and so on

Pick and pack services for books, videos, CD’s, promotional goods or other products sold by the growing list of entrepreneurial e-tailers delivered in or from store are available at all IMX handling centres in Europe.
Orders can be received electronically, offline or by voice instruction (with written confirmation) and can be as small or as large as a customer requires. Small consignments are subject to a minimum daily processing charge.

Response, Encashment and Payment Services

IMX provides full service response handling and payment services for consumers and business to business customers.
Payments by credit card, cheque, standing order, redeemable certificate and cash are accepted by a number of IMX’s offices and otherwise by approved specialist encashment suppliers.
Detailed reports are customisable in consultation with each customer.

Managed Logistics - ECommerce Solutions

IMX and tuvi Logistics’s e-commerce logistics solutions enables e-tailers, large and small, to plug into a sophisticated warehousing, pick & pack and distribution & Returns Handling Systems.

IMX manages

  • stock - in and out including returns handling with real time live view

  • pick and pack into clients or IMX supplied packing materials

  • production of invoices, return labels, order confirmation

  • despatch reports by mail, registered or tracked parcel services

  • delivery reports (for tracked orders)

  • returns handling

Customers with small or large complex distribution requirements are requesting complete end-to-end managed solutions. IMX can take over from the front end web portal and seamlessly integrate an order stream and product management system to suit a clients requirements.
IMX’s logistics services are completely transparent from a supplier and cost point of view. This enables customers to select suppliers in the chain as well as change suppliers where demands change, for example, upgrading services for more urgent delivery.
For a no obligation initial consultation please contact your local IMX office.

IMX Online Services

IMX offers an increasing number of standard and custom online services.
IMX’s associated businesses - tuvi Logictics, Logicon Systems and ParcelABC provide a complete suite of connected services.
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