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IMX’s 2017 Postal Courier & Express Parcel Tariffs will be effective from Monday 27th March 2017.

SMS Retail increases for all services are significantly below industry changes and we have absorbed all exchange rate variables since the BREXIT referendum. IMX has altered actual postal and linehaul charges with the overall averages less than 2% with some decreases in postal rates. Expedited and Courier charges have increased at a slightly higher percentages of between 2.5-5%. All changes subject to country, weight and client’s profiles.

WDS Wholesale tariffs have had a better journey with a number of reductions for postal services. The overall net affect is less than for SMS. Deferred tracked e-commerce and non-postal services have increased inline with SMS changes.

Periodical / Press services we will continue to provide as a customised tariff for clients as per their respective journal’s profiles. Catalogue, DM, transactional and flyer distribution rates will continue to be customised.

IMX in association with the MCA contributes to Industry developments as well as ensuring postal and parcel services remain competitive in the pre- and post BREXIT timelines.

Rates available as from Tuesday 14th March 17.

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