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Special Offers

‘V’ eTailer Logistics / March 23 2015

IMX is to launch its dedicated e-Commerce company in Q2 2015.

IMX has incorporated VIELs Limited to service its growing e-commerce client requirements.

The company will be known as ‘V’. VIELs - Vertical Integrated e-tailer Logistics Services.

More details and special introductory offers to follow.

Please call for details 0800 99 99 777.

Smart Codes 2D Codes / September 29 2010

Communications Industry - Squaring the Communications Loop.

IMX has developed and is currently testing its generic 2D coding platform. 2D smart codes are expected to revolutionise the communications industry providing the missing link between on and off-line communications.

We invite all clients and interested companies to lodge expressions of interest to work with our beta test systems.

Project Co-ordinator: James Dearman. Tel IMX 0800 99 99 777 and asdk for James or Nicholas.

IMX Merchandise / June 11 2010

IMX is currently commencing to distribute a range of merchandise to clients including:

  • umbrellas
  • USB memory sticks
  • travel mugs
  • key fobs with trolley coins
  • pens

If you would like to order more you may do so and we will allocate stock as avaiable.

Bar Coding / June 11 2010

IMX is expanding the bar-coding of address labels, carrier sheets and IPX European parcels. The service does not incur any additional cost and will enable efficient management of return and re-directed items.
IMX’s IT division is to increase functionality of bar-coding with RFID tags to enhance accountability of its services in 2011.

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