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Mailing Services

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IMX provides a full range of mail delivery options whatever the item type and delivery requirement. IMX handles all types of domestic and international mail as well as specialised pre-sort services through to registered items.

Periodicals, Journals and Magazines

Periodicals benefit in many countries from discounted postage rates based on stringent preparation and service conditions. IMX’s administration, data and operations departments operate and manage all qualification, presort and delivery requirements for all major postal administrations enabling both large and small circulation periodicals to enjoy cost reductions and service enhancement.

Examples of services include Presstream (UK), Pressepost (Germany), Periodicals (USA) and Commission Paritaire (France).

I would be more than happy to recommend IMX, having undertaken many direct mail campaigns for us over the years... Campaign Manager

Direct Mail and Catalogues

Direct mail and catalogues, as with periodicals, benefit from discounted rates in many countries. The qualification requirements do however vary country by country and the discounts are often not as generous as for periodicals. The principal restriction is volume. That is, you will require more items per mailing or group of mailings per country to access the most beneficial postal tariffs.

Examples of services include Mailsort (UK), Infopost (Germany), Bulk (USA) and Massendenseng (Austria).

Business Correspondence

IMX collects and distributes world-wide letters, invoices, statements, reports, sales & marketing information and newsletters on behalf of many companies, government departments and inter-governmental bodies.

IMX also provides recorded, registered, swiftair and special delivery services to all types of businesses.

IMX offers departmental billing for those customers that require departmental information on costs and despatch profiles.

Financial Reports and Statements

Financial reports, card statements, settlement advices, transaction confirmations and other time sensitive documents are distributed through IMX’s priority handling unit. IMX utilises many different delivery systems including after hours hand delivery, local and regional first class posting and priority airmail services.

Books, Videos and CD’s

Bulky items including items of value such as books, videos and CD’s require careful handling. IMX has extensive experience handling and distributing items of value and has appropriate systems which are accountable and reliable.

Promotional Goods - Parcels and Packages

As for books, videos and CD’s, promotional goods are often bulky and require specialised handling and delivery systems.

IMX has over the years handled baseball bats, oversize calendars, exhibition stands, product samples such as perfume, wine and watches, diaries, hampers, models, book blocks and so on.

Substances - Medical

IMX’s MEDEX division handles the specific requirements for the collection, transport and delivery of infectious, biohazardous & perishable substances from hospitals, health laboratories, research institutions and government bodies. Inquiries directed to IMX’s London and Milan offices only.

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