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About IMX

IMX is a private pan-European mailing group of companies specialising in the distribution of periodicals, direct marketing, mail order, promotional material and business mail.
The IMX European group of companies has a well established service network developed since 1988 extending to every principal European country. IMX has operational depots in Paris, London, Malaga, Amsterdam and Milan. Additional sales offices and agencies are located in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the USA.

IMX’s European growth has been considerable. IMX is adjudged the leading independent operator in Italy (as accredited by Triangle) and the leading independent operator in France.

IMX was instrumental in drafting the Mail Consolidation Association Charter.


IMX is one of the most progressive and innovative mailing companies in Europe. IMX pioneered: the first postal ETOE in the UK with Gibraltar Post; direct injection into Central & Eastern Europe; and third party postal EU member access.

IMX was the first and only private operator to participate in the IPC quality of service measurement (UNEX) and initiated numerous (successful) actions/reports against anti-competitive practices by a number of European Postal Administrations.

IMX has also presented technological innovation and postal service recommendations to not only postal services but also to the UK Government.   


IMX has extensive network capabilities including:

  • ABC Remail contracts with seven postal operators

  • ETOE contracts in Milan (BPI) and Paris (DPAG and BPI)
  • Third Party Access (Milan, Paris) to 8 countries

  • Direct Entry to 22 countries in Europe and a further 30+ countries in Latin America, Africa, Middle East & Asia

  • AD contracts in Germany, France, UK, Italy, NL and Sweden
  • Downstream and alternate (private) delivery services in six further countries


IMX’s goal is to become the dominant independent player in the retail sector in each of the major markets in Europe.

We plan to expand further by developing synergistic partnership agreements with leading independent operators based on network sharing and use of common software platforms.

More recently, IMX has commissioned and is shortly to commence testing its own postal smart-code (MagicSys) which will add the missing link between off- and on-line communications.

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