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IMX is your European logistics and distribution partner. We provide warehousing, SCM, Internet fulfilment, mail preparation and world-wide distribution of periodicals, catalogues, books, direct & business mail and all goods, parcels and packages.
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IMX is a pan-European logistics group specialising in the preparation and distribution world-wide of:

  • periodicals, journals and magazines
  • direct mail and catalogues
  • business correspondence
  • financial reports and statements
  • books, videos and CD’s
  • e-commerce & promotional goods

The IMX Group serves over 500 corporate customers in Europe with a diverse range of services and distribution solutions.

IMX’s focus is on managed distribution solutions. IMX’s solutions effectively and efficiently combine, from the design stage: printing & letter-shopping and storage & retrieval with ground and air transport through to many, accountable and cost-effective delivery options.

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